An Experienced Team

Children, to us, are ever changing and evolutionary like amebas. That is why, in Ameba Schoolhouse, we believe in providing a unique learning experience, where a world of discovery awaits your child.

Each child is special and we respect their works and their thoughts. With the pedagogy apadation from the established Reggio Emilia approach, we strive to develop your child into an independent, sociable, responsible and confident individual.

Every journey begins with the first step. Take the first step with Ameba Schoolhouse on this lifelong learning journey. The love for learning will enable your child to explore the world of knowledge; the values that we inculcate in them will allow them to grow into gracious members of their communities.

  • ECDA-certified
  • Trained in Reggio Emilia approach
  • Full-fledged curriculum
  • Experienced personnel dedicated to your child’s education
  • Holistic approach to education
  • Inculcating a fun learning experience

Class Sizes & Age Groups

With a small teacher-to-child ratio, your child is well attended to by caring professionals.

Playgroup (18 mths – 2 yrs old)
1:6 (ECDA recommendation : 1:8)
Nursery 1 (3 yrs old)
1:8 (ECDA Recommendation 1:12)
Nursery 2 (4 yrs old)
1:12 (ECDA Recommendation 1:15)
K1 (5 yrs old)
1:15 (ECDA Recommendation 1:25)
K2 (6 yrs old)
1:15 (ECDA Recommendation 1:25)
Infant (2mths to 17mths)
1:4 (ECDA Recommendation 1:5)

Our Vision & Mission

The objectives of Ameba Schoolhouse are summarised into our Vision and Mission statements below.

Our Vision:
To be a trusted preschool (childcare centre) that offers the best care and education to children, in a place where children, parents and teachers play, learn and grow together.

Our Mission:
To provide an environment (childcare centre) that is safe and nurturing with teachers that are competent and responsible, and an education that is dynamic and tailored to the learning needs of each child.


Your child will be well guided by caring teachers that are friendly in their disposition

Reggio Emilia

We adopt a well-known educational approach that has gained worldwide recognition.


We are certified by ECDA as one of the premier childcare centres in Singapore

Holistic Education

We believe in inculcating a holistic and fun learning experience.


Our team of experienced teachers are able to deliver a high standard of care.

Knowledge Discovery

Let your child indulge in knowledge discovery through experiential learning.